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 Dr. Keith Taylor, President

Gloria Hazard, Vice President

Jolene Connor, Secretary

Leslie Bright, CPA, Treasurer

Kakuna Kerina, Outreach Director


Dorrance Brooks Property Owners & Residents Association

Harlem has experienced a rapid escalation in the demolition of historic sites in recent years to create space for new high-rise residential towers and upmarket commercial space. DBPORA has intensified its neighborhood preservation activities. Due to the successful efforts of the West Harlem Community Preservation Organization, with support from the neighborhood advocacy organizations Save Harlem Now! and the Historic Districts Council, the proposed Dorrance Brooks Square Historic District has received a positive determination of eligibility by the New York State Historic Preservation Office for nomination to both the State and National Registers of Historic Places.  To complete the Historic District nomination process, DBPORA raised $3,500 from community residents to conduct additional research and prepare our application for submission. 

Please help us prevent so much of what makes our neighborhood beautiful and unique from disappearing forever by making a secure donation below. We are committed to the preservation of the historic sites in our district that are at risk of demolition by real estate developers.

Mission: The Dorrance Brooks Property Owners and Residents Association (DBPORA) was formed as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Harlem-based community organization for the purpose of assisting neighbors to collectively solve problems, share information, prepare for disasters, improve safety, and maintain a high quality of life. DBPORA is also dedicated to preserving the neighborhood’s rich cultural history and its unique architectural structures. The organization partners with community organizations, local elected officials and agencies, law enforcement, and educational institutions to achieve shared goals.

Historic District

The Dorrance Brooks Square Historic District

Your contribution will help our community to achieve Historic District status and preserve historic sites that are currently at risk of demolition..

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